12th August 2018

Mickäel & Irhaberki Minta Mókus "Ta" members of French team on Agility World Championship 2018

5-11th August, 2018 Swiss Agility Cup (Fräschels)

Irhaberki Red Hot Chili Peppers "Paprika"
(Medium 1)


Irhaberki Rhythm'N'Blues "R'n'B"
(Medium 2)

26-29th July, 2018 Agility European Open Championship 2018 (Ebreichsdorf)

Three Irhaberkis competed:
Medium class:
Irhaberki Csimota Kiki (Kiki) with Martina Magnoli Klimesová
Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit (Dinamit) with Simon Tabourat

Small class:
Irhaberki Reina (Reina) with Elita Umbrasko

29th July, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát won his Master's Agility Title

21st July, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát got his Master's Standard Title today in Ferndale, California. 2nd place too.

20th July, 2018

Irhaberki Icce has became a father at kennel Gates of Heaven
dam: McPotter's Creek's Kehely

16th July, 2018

Family photo:
Irhaberki Lencse Csoki,
his daughter Irhaberki Páratlan Jóság
his brother Irhaberki Okos "Ében"

8th July, 2018

Irhaberki Tuti Zoe at her first agility competition (pre-agility). Her attitude was amazing.

3rd July, 2018

Irhaberki Primavera "Cinka" herding over 2000 m. With a lot of nice pink rhododendron flowers.

3rd July, 2018

Irhaberki Rhythm'N'Blues

1st July, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát won his Master's Agility Title

16th June, 2018

Irhaberki Pálinka won her Started goats title, second place and Reserve High in Trial

3rd June, 2018

Simon & Irhaberki Huncut Dinamit qualified for Agility World Championship 2018

26th May, 2018

Irhaberki Kedves Lányom "Kedd" finally got her last certificate and became Swedish Show Champion!
EUCH AGHD1 RLD N SE AG(hopp)CH SE AGCH Irhaberki Kedves Lányom "Kedd"

7th May, 2018

Irhaberki Lipica Corah is qualified to the World Agility Championship in Sweden Teams and Individuals runs

1st May, 2018

Confirmation has been posted by the AKC of the new conformation title (CM)earned by Irhaberki Kovász "Kona"!
Congrats the latest FSS CM title holder Mudi Irhaberki Kovász CM NA NAJ OF CGC TKN

23rd April, 2018

Irhaberki Pálinka got her first leg in Started Goats (Herding) this past weekend!

20th April, 2018

Irhaberki Lipica Corah at Americas and Caribbean competition in Argentina

1st April, 2018

Irhaberki Prima Vera "Cinka" tired after very good herding work, with flocks in transhumance

18th March, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát's AKC Run

16th March, 2018

Irhabeki Praline got mail today!

13th March, 2018

Irhaberki Rhythm'N'Blues in action

28th February, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát won 1st place at ASCA Elite Gamblers

4th February, 2018

Irhaberki Pálinka earned her ACT 1 & ACT 2 AKC Agility titles

1st February, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát CM. Karát is the third Mudi in the US to earn his CM!!

28th January, 2018

Sisters participated in
Agility competition in Estonia
Irhaberki Reina - two clean run in A1,
1st and 2nd place
Irhaberki Ronja - one clean run in A1,
3rd place and two clean run in A2
and two 1st places

27th January, 2018

Irhaberki Kovász "Kona" won Best of Breed in San Francisco

20-21st January, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát's winnings from the AKC Trial

13th January, 2018

Irhaberki Ronja clean run and first place >>>>>>

8th January, 2018

Irhaberki Pipitéri Facér "Aféra"

5th January, 2018

Irhaberki Karát Barát first Mudi in the USA with his CM2 title in Conformation

1st January, 2018

Irhaberki Titok "Szilas"
wishes Happy New Year

1st January, 2018

Irhaberki Praline
wishes Happy New Year

1st January, 2018

Irhaberki Oskola "Tisza"
wishes Happy New Year

1st January, 2018

Irhaberki Latte Lotti
wishes Happy New Year

1st January, 2018

Irhaberki Jujde Cuki "Niki"
wishes Happy New Year

1st January, 2018

Irhaberki Jegyes Babám "Niitti"
Irhaberki Jurtám Őre "Pärrä"
wish Happy New Year

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